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This is a great way to get grounded and honest about your power.

If you find yourself scattered, and having trouble maintaining balance or find yourself in extreme highs and lows with your emotions, you are not alone. Most of us were never taught emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and the understanding of the emotional scale, as well as how to navigate it.


This simple course will give you a new perspective on getting stability with your emotions, as well as your thinking. This is a great course for teenagers or any human struggling with emotions.


This Sunday join me for community, a sound bath and connecting with others. Please bring a snack. Water and tea is provided as well as the workbook!!! This is a gentle and easy introduction course.


BONUS: You will also get to work with the Spirit Animals associated with the Emotional Scale and a Guided Sound Bath!!

This is a $200 package, offered for only $75, including the workbook!


 Register soon only 13 spots.

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