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Composer David Michael Tardy, an honors graduate and an 8 year instructor at the world renowned audio school, The Institute of Audio Research, is part Filipino, Polynesian and Lakota Native American and has been composing original music for approximately 37 years. He is defined by music industry professionals as “prolific” and “clairaudient”. His music career ranges from composing music for National Television Spots, which include: Ferrari, WWE, 60 Minutes, BBC, SAS Australia, The Amazing Race Australia, Lego Masters, Married at First Sight, Bachelor in Paradise and Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, just to name a few. David also composes original music for Licensing Companies worldwide, such as Gothic Storm Music, Warner Chappell Production Music, SBRMX, Tonal Chaos Music & Sound Design, Audio Attack and Atom Music Audio. David's recent movie trailer placements include 20th Century Studio's "PREY", Warner Bros. Pictures' "MATRIX RESURRECTIONS,  "WOMEN OF THE WHITE BUFFALO", Directed by Deborah Anderson, daughter of Jon Anderson (YES) and Netflix's "SNABBA CASH".  


While residing in Santa Fe New Mexico, David also offered Sound Healing Journeys with Rick "Thunder" Bastine & John "Walkingstar" Martinez with their group, Sees the Day Sound Healing, a group that offered Sound Healing Journeys incorporating visuals, vocals, music & traditional sound healing instruments, for approximately 8 years.


“What this brotherhood of talented conscious men create with their healing music, is extraordinary.”

- Luisa Kulker


While currently still composing music for Global Licensing Companies, David, now also a Usui Reiki Master, is collaborating with his partner Blue Bird Woman (Jackie Schilberg) to offer Sound & Visual Journey Healings in the Virginia Beach area, as well as globally as Dream Joy Sound & Wellness. 


"The best sound ceremony I’ve ever attended. I really felt completely immersed in the vibration. They truly have a gift of creating a space for deep healing and exploration. I’m grateful for you both." 

- ALLEN MUSCH (Owner | Massage Therapist | INNER ELEMENT MASSAGE)

"The music I compose for personal reasons, is the Soundtrack of My Life. I do not read or write music. It is already finished in my head, since I was very young. Sometimes five or six pieces at a time. No piano lessons, just violin in the 3rd Grade and even playing the violin then, I was playing by ear and what I heard and could not read the notes.

When I was a very young boy, I used to walk around the house with a portable record player, listening to the sounds of whales for hours. I felt like I could understand them. The Wisdom Keepers. Music and Sound is a Universal Language to me. It allows expression, communication and connection, without having to say a single word.


It is the same with the Native American Flute. What comes out is the breath of intention(s). An extension of self.

Whatever "Gifts" people say that I possess, do not belong to me. They can be taken away, as they have been given. I am just a vessel, hollow bone, a messenger. All I can do is step aside and move out of the way.

Thank you all out there for taking the time to listen, for your unwavering support and for your kindness.

Gratitude, Love and Light to All. Love one another unconditionally. We are all one. All things connected. As one."

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