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Our Inner Child

Inner children are parts of all our psyche that remains full of innocence, awe, and wonder. When our inner child is healthy, and we are connected with them, we tend to be invigorated, inspired, and excited.

However, what happens when our inner child is wounded from past trauma, and we are disconnected from them? When we ignore the inner child in our psyche, as adults, we feel disconnected from life, tired, empty, and unhappy.

The Influence of the Inner Child in All of Us

The inner children that live in the human psyche directly influence all that we do. Adults are covertly controlled by their unconscious inner child, and this leaves a child in charge of their lives. When wounded, these little ones are full of anger, shame, and sometimes rage because of the maltreatment they endured. Inner children are the lens through which injured adults make their decisions.

Can you imagine your children or a child you see on the street trying to make sense of adult relationships? Or make career decisions? Predictably, such attempts could only end in disaster. However, this is what happens every day in the lives of people who have a wounded inner child.

These small, lost, and lonely parts of ourselves are afraid, anxious, and insecure, and that can make our lives miserable. However, there is hope. Inner child work, including self-parenting, can ease the pain and heal the wounds left behind by caregivers who were abusive and toxic.

We all need to do this work. 

If you haven’t done any inner child work, this is a great opportunity to dive in.

This is a wonderful short class that offers a workbook conversation and a sound bath.

Please join me this Sunday in person at the studio space is limited to 13 students. I will also offer this on zoom. If you’re not able to attend .

Thank you for doing the work as we learn and heal we can shift and change your lives. If you know when anyone’s struggling with triggers, emotional roller coastering or being stuck this is a great insight.

We will look at the emotional scale and your environment as a child.

We will also look at how you feel about how you were handled as a child, as well as positive and negative triggers, ways to reduce anger, emotional jumping and we will find your inner child voice, and how to nurture your inner child in your daily life.

By the end of the class you will have new insight on your true needs, as well as, how to play and work with your inner child in a mature real age place.

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